December 24, 2020

Thai Pineapple Price Fluctuation

Total pineapple supply for the whole country in November was closing at 130,000 MT which is the highest output throughout 2020.

The surge in supply in turn lead to the drop in fruit price to be around 7 – 8THB/kg, and the farmers just cut the fruit sooner when there is a sign that the price started to drop and this has accelerated the price to drop down further.

However, Thai Canneries had reacted to this supply situation by increasing their capacity nearly a month later; the lack of workforce has delayed them to react to the fruit supply in a timely manner.

This has increased competition in fruit supply to another level, resulted in maintaining the fruit price at 7.50-8.50THB/kg level. We have foreseen this situation to be continued until 1st quarter of 2021. Then in 2nd quarter the price may increase another 1.00THB/kg, since the weather condition and farmer behavior have played a more important factor influence the fruit price and availability, we will experience this price fluctuation every month. The entire year is estimated to be around 1 million MT for total Thailand, around 20% increase from 2020 but still far behind from what Thailand used to deliver.

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