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Prime Products is a trustworthy partner and we have been working with our customers in the US, Middle East, Europe, Asia&Oceania, Africa and so on over a decade as a long term business partner. We constantly improve ourselves and always put our utmost effort to ensure customers' satisfaction.

From Farm to Shelf

Our experiences over the past years have tremendously affected the way we do our operations with the use of the right technologies. The changes have enabled us to control every aspect of the entire cycle right from the farm to the customers’ hands with the utmost quality that many satisfied customers expect from our products. As with all things, there is a beginning to every process imaginable, starting from the farm in our case. We strictly control the fruit quality from the very beginning. We have our own farm that we source our fruits from which we can ensure that we do the fruit justice every step of the way. However, we do not just utilize the fruits from just one source. We have established long term relationship with our contracted farmers and brokers along with a strict sourcing policy in place. This is to guarantee that we would receive great quality fruits from our own trusted sources. Our team would provide the know-how to our contracted farmers on how to grow and take care of the pineapples with the quality we are seeking for.

Once the good quality of raw material is well-prepared, it is time to take a step further into the main process. With our standard product specification, we can facilitate customers who are looking for something basic with the highest quality possible. If you want something uniquely yours, our Research and Development team can facilitate your requirements. Once that is done, customers can leave the production to us as we can certify that all the process comes with the highest standard of quality. The state-of-the-art UHT or ultra-high-temperature processing machine used in our production process is highly advanced with a capacity to run 3 MT per hour. The machinery is focusing on aseptic products to support the industrial user to the limit. This enable our customers to increase efficiency at the factory and save significant costs in production. Along with an outstanding carton printing process at our facility, it allows us to deliver the product at an even higher speed. In fact, the high-speed printing rate is about 180 cartons per minute pairing with the Flexo Printer which allows for a maximum of three colors.

From all these processes, we will have a final check to ensure that the quality of the product is up to the standard before we ship it to our customers all around the world. We are proud to serve with our high-quality processes as well as working along side our customers together hand in hand.

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