July 6, 2021

Pineapple Periodical Update: End of Summer Crop 2021

Pineapple summer crop in Thailand has reached its peak in June and slowed down to the end of the season as the supply started to drop moving forward to July.

According to food news, total supply for cannery in June is estimated to reach 100,000 MT. That will make total supply of the first half of 2021 to be approximately 650,000MT which is 30% more compare to 2019.

Suffering from Covid-19, the largest pineapple packer in Thailand is running only at 600 – 700MT per day. Almost all of the factories are experiencing similar situation, and could not run at its full capacity and some are even running below 50%.

Price wise, the fruit price has shifted up slightly than previous weeks and is now at above 6.50THB/Kg (USD$0.21) level while the price was around 5.40THB/Kg during peak period. Even though the competition in raw material is less but approaching lowest season of fruit supply will drive the fruit price up for next few months.

On the contrary, some farmers still cut the fruit premature and sold at the price below 6.00THB/Kg level. This made the factories have more supply of standard grade rather than choice grade to be processed in the production, and this might cast an impact on fruit supply in the second half of 2021.


Reference: Max,G (2021). Weekly Prices Briefing: Pressure on palm oil, supply issues for pineapple

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