September 29, 2020

Food Innovation

Innovation has always play a major part in food business as we see new creation in the supermarket almost every day. In recent update from Food News, well-known companies in many countries also developed exquisite new products to the world as below.

Salad Kit by Dole Food Company

As a global packaged salad manufacturer, Dole has added more variants to their popular salad kits such as Just Add Chicken Salad Kits, Dole Fresh Vegetables Fresh Takes Salad Bowls, and Dole Fresh Takes Bowl Salads range. New release products are now availablein the US supermarkets, accenting with a clever packaging that allow the consumers to mix the salad in the same bowl without spilling for the bowl series.

Pink Pineapple by Fresh Del Monte

While consumers are most familiar with juicy yellowish pineapple, Del Monte has developed and introduced new variety “The Pinkglow” into the market. Pinkglow pineapple, as hinted in the name, is pink pineapple which is exclusively harvested in the south-central region of Costa Rica in ultra-limited harvests.

Contactless sauce dispenser by Heinz

An invention in order to reduce plastic waste, Heinz introduced its food service customers a contactless sauce dispenser which can last between seven to ten hours using batteries.

Flexible packaged food by Countree Food

Developed for its fruit in plastic cup range as well as fruit pouches for retails, Countree Food aimed to expand its flexible packaged food presence internationally.

Sweetcorn ice cream by Sunsweet

Partner with Thai mineral distributor and ice cream processor Good Drink 2018, Sunsweet has introduced sweetcorn ice cream under brand KC to domestic market. The products will be widely distributed through 7-Eleven chain.

Reference: Estela, C. (2020). Innovation among iconic food manufacturers

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