Prime Products, a private company founded in 2004, has established itself as a major manufacturing plant for pineapple products in Thailand. Our factory is located in Bo-tong, Chonburi Province, one of the prime areas for pineapple plantations. Although recently established, Prime Products has over 20 years of experience in its people for the processing of pineapple and other fruit products. Our strong core team and many years of experience in the pineapple business have allowed us to develop a company that institutes the highest quality machinery inside brand new processing facilities. Leading edge food technology is employed to produce the highest quality products for our customers across the world.
Our infrastructure and logistics was developed in order to supply our customers with the freshest and highest quality pineapple product available in Thailand quickly and efficiently. This is the key to maintain the freshness and great taste of our products. With an automated production line our output is highly efficient throughout our entire range of products. We provide a variety of "Patavia" pineapples also known as the "Smooth Cayenne" pineapple in various forms. Our canned products come in a variety of cutting styles (sliced, chunk, pizza cut, diced or pieces) and packing media (water, natural juice, light syrup, syrup and heavy syrup) in both choice and standard quality. In addition to our canned products we also produce pineapple juice single strength, pineapple juice concentrate and canned tropical fruit cocktail. Prime Products can provide these products under our own brand and also as a private label. We are also willing to work with our customers to develop new innovative products to meet their unique requirements in order to satisfy global market demands.
Quality is one of our greatest concerns at Prime Products. To ensure the quality of our products we work closely with the farmers in our Eastern region in order to cultivate and provide a continually consistent quality product that will be available throughout the year. This solid relationship has helped nurture our Eastern region to provide the finest quality of fruit. In addition to the relationship we have with our farmers, we also strive to process our products utilizing the most hygienic and sanitary production methods available today. We have an excellent laboratory on-site where all products are 100% assured and controlled by our specialized technicians. This ensures that all products meet the requirements and characteristics demanded by our customers. You can be certain that with Prime Products you are working with a company that will exceed your expectations for quality pineapple and fruits products.
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